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Opting for Vendure carries several compelling reasons, the foremost being its "headless" framework nature. In essence, it exclusively manages the backend of the shop, necessitating a separate development of both the frontend and the CMS backend, if required.


Experience with React and Next.js

While this approach introduces potential complexity, its advantages far outweigh any drawbacks. The major benefit lies in the freedom to shape the frontend using any preferred technology, thereby harnessing the strengths of the development team. In our case, we utilized Next.js for Klekt's web frontend to leverage our extensive experience with React and Next.js (a feat that would prove challenging with Magento). However, constructing the frontend with an Angular-based framework would be equally viable. We extended this approach to crafting a mobile frontend with React Native, seamlessly integrated with the Vendure backend.


Highest degree of customization

This headless methodology empowers comprehensive control over each system component. The absence of confinement to platform-specific themes facilitates taking bespoke aesthetics and functionalities to unprecedented heights. To illustrate the customization spectrum among the four platforms discussed, Shopify emerges as the least customizable, followed by Woocommerce and Magento in the middle, with Vendure culminating in the highest degree of customization, offering a profoundly adaptable avenue.


The technology stack

Secondly, Vendure places a strong emphasis on its contemporary technology stack. Built on GraphQL, TypeScript, and Node.js, it notably contrasts with Magento's comprehensive yet non-API-based approach. This modern stack and approach not only feel current but also align with our team's expertise, particularly in crafting custom backends using the Nestjs framework for Node.js. Beyond the novelty of the technology stack, the convenience it offers our developers, coupled with the flexibility these tools afford, culminated in a superior performance across all facets of the end product.

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